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  • Company registered name: Plastic Solution Automotive
  • Registered Office: 6 avenue des Usines - 90000 Belfort
  • Tel. +33 (0)3 84 58 01 28
  • APE 742C
  • Commerce Register N°: RCS Belfort B 450 061 858
  • Publication Director: Emmanuel MARIE



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All reproduction or representation, complete or partial, for any other purposes on whatever support is forbidden. Non-compliance with this clause constitutes an infringement of copyright which may result in civil and legal action against the infringing party. The information contained in this site is non-contractual and subject to change without notice.


In conformity with the French Law on Information Systems and Civil Liberties dated 6th January 1978, we would inform you that you have the right to access, change, correct and delete data concerning you personally.
Please submit all requests to the company's registered office.


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